Thursday, March 11, 2010

-> Bored

Today I am at home whole day. 
Now, I realise I'm so bored. 
I really need someone who can entertain me. 
Who can be my clown?? 
Who can dance away like bitch for me ? 
And who can laugh together with me? 
Kampar is a bored town..Sighhhhhh...
I want go back homeeee!!!
Homesickkk !!!!
Mummy, I know you pretty miss me..XD
I sure will go back this week as the next two week I'm not able to go back because Saturday having exam..hate it !!! Why must Saturday ?? Haizz..
And yesterday my jiejie told me that my home new maid came dy..
Anyway, I does not  like maid !!!
Maid give me dirty feel and I don't like them to touch my things..
I know I'm prejudice but that's me !
But she can help my mum a lots.
So I will accept you..heehee

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