Thursday, June 24, 2010

-> Happy Father's Day to you daddy ♥

Happy Father's Day to you my dad *(^v^)*

You're always the one that we respect 

and you're our super daddy ♥

I'am so sorry that, 
that day I was working in Kl 
and I was unable to celebrate with you on that day but my love is always there for you 

We went to Klang jusco which is at Bukit Raja there to work.
We went there not only for work but have lots of fun too..hee

We wake up early in the morning and back at 11pm..
damn tired man.t.t
Although it's very tired but we gain lots.
Say thanks to my dear for accompany me when I need a shoulder to lean on ♥

Klang famous food is what ? Guess?? Lol
Klang's " Bak Kut Teh " is super nice.
I like it damn much =)
Is much more delicious than Ipoh.
You guys should try it if you never eat before. Haha

-> 祝您新婚快乐

It was my " aiya mummy " wedding..hee
宝宝健健康康 =)

That day you're just so beautiful..
" deep deep V " HoHo

-> A money lover =)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

-> •.♥.• What is mean I Love U •.♥.•

•.♥.• What is mean I Love U •.♥.• 
I=inject 投入 
L=loyal 忠诚 
O=observant 用心 
V=valiant 勇敢
E=enjoyment 喜悦 
 Y=yes 愿意 
O=obligation 责任 
U=unision 和谐

I love You , Dear