Tuesday, May 6, 2008

-> Depressed


My dear had make a decision for me .

He said i must stopped my dance life until i finished my spm .

He said after my spm still have a lot of time for me to enjoy my dance life!

He said i must concentrate on one thing .
" Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand .
The sun's ray do not burn until brought to a focus " .

He said SPM really very important to me !

He said he worried about me !

He talked to me and try his best to persuade me .

I admit i really lack of time and tired .
I admit i not put enough effort on my studies .
I admit i always daydreaming in class .
I admit i'm hyperactive.
BUT i just want to do what i desired .

I've just received some sad news .
my sis msg me ask me need not go for dance practice and training until my spm.
maybe she sked will influenced my studies .
But i still feel EXTREAMLY sad .
tears full my eyes .

no dance no life !

Nothing i can do ??
I have no choice !
I just can accept it !
I will stop my dance life until finish my spm !
But i will go studio when i'm free.
Hope you all wont forget me this little girl :} T.T


Sh3IsTheOn3 said...

haha..u noe think like dis thn gd la!~

Venus said...

yea i knew you all want me good only