Tuesday, May 13, 2008

-> Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Mommy sorry that i couldnt celebrate Mother's Day with you as i were having my mid-year exam. At first i planned to buy you chocolate and comestic but i knew you will said:' girl, i dont need all these things , i just want you to study hard and pass with fying colours and be a good girl and dont 'gik' me as well . heh

At the end i didnt buy anything for my mommy. But at night i went tio my mommy room to gave her a wonderfully relaxing masage . So comfortable. HAHA !
And i said :' darling HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY ' . heh .

Mommy i would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Belated Mother's Day again. It is always tough to say mushy things infront of you. I always tell my mommy i know what she thinking of because i was borned when she celebrate her birthday. every year we celebrate birthday together. And our heart is together too .' Heart to Heart ' HAHA !

Although i love you from the bottom of my heart , it just feels weird to say sugar-coated words to you .
i care you, i love you deep deep and i cannot live without you .
You are so special to me.
You are irreplaceable.
Noboday could replace you.

Without you , i wouldn't know where i would be now.
i love to stick b your side and i love to hug you.
Even i getting old , i'm still going to stick by your side and hug you tight .
Hope you stay healthy and look young always.

You always take good care of us whenever we sick.
You will get nervous when we sick.
You will asked us to sleep beside you when we sick.
we feel warm to sleep beside you.

Mommy, i still want to thank you for everythings you done for me , sister and brother of course .
Maybe sometimes they will say you unfair or what but you dont mind .
I know you have did a lot for me.

Mommy, you're such a forgiveness mommy.
Although we have done so many things to upset you but you never put them in your heart at all for we are your children.
So i'm extreamly apologetic for what i have done wrongly previously.
Mommy i still have yet the courage to thank you in person.
But i will prove it in the future life.
I will be the one taking care of you and its time we take care of you .

For me you are the best mommy in the world.
I damn love you , mommy .
Honeypotof loves.

-your beloved daughter venus-


Sh3IsTheOn3 said...

so gd..i just send a msn msg to my mom aiks

Venus said...

heh.then how's her respond arh?