Tuesday, April 20, 2010

-> Tuesday

Yesterday slept at 7am..yawning..
People wake up then I
Mummy , sis and I ... three of us watched 铁马寻桥 till 7am..enjoyed it.
Although we were very tired yet we still want to continue our show.
Last five episods done.very excited..hee
When three of us want to sleep, that's the time my bro go school..haha
After two hours, I have to wake up prepared going back kampar.
My parents fetch me to my secondary school to meet py.
I take this chance to collect my LCCI cert..hee

Went back to the bored town.kampar !!!
Finally my ceiling repaired.
And I have to clean my whole room again..
tired energy..

Final is around the corner..getting nervous.
I should study hard !!!!!!
Actions must speak louder than words !!!
Study smart and study hard !!!

Lately not feeling so well..
Always dizzying in a sudden..t.t
yeah tomorrow my dear coming back..cant wait for it..
I need you my dear.

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