Friday, April 11, 2008

-> Memorable birthday

well..actually my birthday had passed few days already. my birthday was on 6th of april but i have no time to write a blog .
Firstly i want to thanks my clsaamates . they had given me a big surprise in school before my birthday. heh . Erm i just dunno how to express my feeling . extreamly happy . lol . i was taken aback . HAHA !
And thanks for the secret recipe cake too. it was so delicious !
sorry for those who didnt eat the cake as well .

I have another celebration at kbox the day before my birthday . i have lots of fun on that day.
I was so excited !
the only things i can said is thank a millions to those who spend their precious time to attend my birthday party. pretty happy and tourched seriously !
And thanks for the presents i like it ! heh. not only that of course .
although some of them cant attend the party but your wishes and belated presents still appreciated . lol.

I hang out with my godsister miko the next day . we went to parade and jusco .
she bought me a black top as my birthday present and i love it so much !
And she bought a same one too .
I enjoying hang around with her maybe we have same interested . heh .
I just love heart to heart talk with her . I feel comfortable while talking to her .
she knew what am i thinking although i didnt spoke out !
I wore that top night of that day .
many people praised me become more and more prettier . HAHA !
I feel like flying when they praised me. I sms to thanks her and shared my happiness. heh

After the celebration of my birthday i was not feeling so well .
i was very sleepy but i just cant sleep the whole night .
maybe about the happiness ? HAHA !
I just wait until the time i going to school .
i slept at school the whole day and i felt like a pig OMG .
i really cant stand . no energy at all.
I was down with running nose, cough and headache .

And anyway I enjoyed the celebration with you all.
hahaha !



Sh3IsTheOn3 said...

ahaha~ like the cloth leh~
see! wat i tel u is the truth la~
change ur style mean tat ..wear wat u not usage wear..
tats mean change style lo kakaka
sure chat nice with me la!
im ur who o? haha

Venus said...

haha like the cloth so much of course . Yea i know ,you are my lovely sister. heh !