Saturday, April 12, 2008

-> I faint

Today after my renjers meeting i hang out with miko . She go parade fetched me . We chit chat in the car . When she told me her problems i feel very dissapointed with those people .
I hope i can help her but i cant help her much .
Actually i want shared my problems with her too but since i knew many people ...??
I dont want added burden to her. She reali very stressed .

Why those people always simply make a promised ?
they shouldnt make a promise when they are in joy, sad or angry.
they just know how to talked how great they are but no action at all .
totaly hate this attitude . Aiksss !

Afterwards we go kopitiam yum cha . Then i joined mervin them go hiking at Kledang hill .
I'm the only female . so weird la ! lol .
While hiking they cheer me up and ask me be careful always .
In the beginning , i had the stamina to climb up to the hill since i'm a renjer and i had passed the test before . heh . We had set a target climbed to the top .

Suddenly what happened ??

i see birds flying around me . HAHA !

i almost faint and i feel like vomit but i didnt told them because i dont want sked them . Pai seh .
Luckily mervin holded my hand and bring me go somewhere to rest if not?? i cant imagined what will happended the next . In that minutes i reali sked .

Do you know what i'm thinking at that time ??
i reali hope he can be my sides . heh.

My legs like cant reached the ground the whole journey .

Damn damn sked !!!


Sh3IsTheOn3 said...

act wat u did is wrong!!
u noe wat ?
i tel u my problem
i share with u cz i trusted u n u r d person tat i can be shared~
n u have to tel me ur prbolem oso ~!
don always just i said ma! i noe im talkative XD
don be soh poh next time k?
if not i don tel u everything ler wuwuwuuw

Venus said...

heh just dont want give you more problems jek . OKAY i will shared my problems with you next time ! And you too . lol