Saturday, November 13, 2010

-> Life is short

岁月不留人,请珍惜眼前人 !!

Feel sorry to heard bout that..
My friend's mother had just passed away..南无阿弥陀佛
I can feel his heart pain..t.t
hope he can adapt it as it was a truth ..
Though its hard yet life must go on..
hope he can take comfort that he have been a filial son when her mum still alive ! 

This remind me that i have to love my family, my dear and my friends more when they are still be my sides !
As my mummy mean a lot to me..i love her so much !
I couldn't  imagine that one of my love one leave me..I couldn't accept it seriously!!!
Though i had experience it once when my grandmother's mother( 太婆 )passed away..
I was freaking sad that time..crying uncontrollably..
Though our age range is quite far away but we always chit chatting caz i love to chit chat with those who are older than me since i'm still a children! I like to listen to them..
Thats why they always say me " 老人精 " haha..

In conclusion , please love the one you love ..
please do something to let them know you love them like give them a big hug..a kiss or bring them to anywhere that they wish to go..
it mean a lot !
Its never easy to deal with loss in  a family so please
 珍惜眼前人 !!

原谅不是一种懦弱,是一种写满珍惜的胸怀 !! 

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