Thursday, October 21, 2010

-> New start

Oh start, new sem , new hairstyle ..
Okay I was not satisfied with my last sem results..damn t.t
anyway, its over...its over
Year one sem three just started, the timetable change and change again..
finally done..
this sem is quite pack just like a bullet train..
rush like hell...7weeks 4 subjects 4 assigments..Oh My God..faint..
Hope i can cope with it..

Back to old time me..straighten my hair dy? Does it suit me ??? comments pls..=)
Some say yes and some say no but majority say yes because suit for my age..look younger..
and my hair more healthier in straight..
caz when i hav curly hair im lazy to put on hair cream to keep my hair moisture..
i only will do that when Im not in uni..feeling weird??lol
hair cream is quite expensive la..haha
Act i damn love curly hair,
I think curly hair is sexy once change a nice dress..=P
Dont you think so?
BuT I know I am not that sexy..haha...especially in school life..
i dunlike to wear nice nice, make up and this and that in school..
I do not care how i look or how people look at me when im in school
caz i preferred to use the time to sleep more rather than wake up early to make up and dress nicely..lazy
In addition, I am lazy to wash clothess =PP
All throw to danish house..haha..
Suddenly miss old time so much..
miss my dance life, primary life, secondary life , foundation life , so much..
miss the time with them..
Once its over its over..
I know we should look forward..
but its meaningful and memorable when I review the photos we taken during last time..
In conclusion, its good to take picha..hahaha..

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