Friday, May 7, 2010


No time to write a blog during exam say all..=)

Before account exam, we went to watch iron man 2..
It was out of my expectation..
not that fantastic at all..for me..heee
feel sleepy in the

Okay..Finallyyyy I can take a big breath.
Well,throw all the books away..LALALALA
I would like to say a big thanks to my dear.
Thanks for accompany me during exams period..
Bb appreciate it very much.
Dear, thank you for your tender love of which you will be never know.
It brings warm for all the things you do for me.
Without you I would be very nervous as I always do.
You boost my confidence.
You taught me every subject and ask me questions in order to make me easy to remember.
we just slept for few hours a day during that period.
pimples pop out..wuwu
thanks for being my sides..
I Love You my dear =)

After exam,packing and going back Ipoh..hoho
In the car, we shout crazily,
but enjoyed it much.
we were just like in our own world..HAHAHA
This is our new name that created by people..HAHA
“  tong chi dou " =)
Went to jusco..Ebox..East garden pasar malam and dim sum at night.

Met liew..our boss
Liew: "how can you two stay so sweet althought already in relationship 3years soon?
And he say someone follow our ways to pak tol..hope can maintain their
But I think this couldnt be follow right? lol..
every couple have their own joy.
It is just depends on how you look at it..
You must be glad you are able to stay with your loved one..
And dont always hurt him or her..
If you really love her or him, for sure he or she can feel it..
Trust me !

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